I was born in Budapest, Hungary and moved to Finland at a fairly young age. Worked as a musician first but soon started studying photography in New York, Basel and Schaffhausen. Besides photography I also have a degree in film editing.

Recieved awards in Advertising photography both home and abroad.

I am a Sony Professional Photography Partner and naturally work only with Sony equipment:

Sony A7 series cameras
Sony a6000 series cameras

Sony Zeiss lenses
Sony G Master series lenses
Zeiss lenses

Sony accessories

Moments I saw

I watch life passing by and try to capture the moments that attracts me.

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Real estate

I also do assigments and real estate photography to bring the bacon to the table, so to speak.

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25 frames/sec

I worked for tv and for a short while studied filming. Directed TV spots and made quiet a few videos as a hobbyist and later as a professional.

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Mikael Kaplar, Photographer QFAP
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